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The Rope-Pulley Family Heritage Association is a group of descendants from the two First Fleeters: Anthony Rope and Elizabeth Pulley.

Its aims are :
to be a central focal point for research into the descendants of First Fleet Convicts : Anthony Rope and Elizabeth Pulley
to consolidate information from the family lines and to share stories about our Australian heritage
to preserve family archives and heritage items where possible

You can read about Anthony & Elizabeths' lives on the Convicts and Farmers pages. Together they had 8 children, 6 of whom had families. The stories of these children have been included on the pages of this site.
Use the Family Lines Menu Item, to choose individual lines for general information and the database co-ordinators.
Use the Family Trees Menu Item, to choose a family tree to search OR click the Master Surname List if you want to check if your ancestors were part of this family.

Membership is $15 per year to any descendant of Anthony & Elizabeth. We are a Not-For-Profit Assoc. Members receive quarterly newsletters and are welcome to attend meetings. See the Contact Us page to find out how to join.


Next Meeting is 14th February 2016
See Newsletter or FACEBOOK for details.Please send a message if you want to join the group.


We would like to collect a central repository of family photos that can be accessed by all members of our group. So if you have pictures of the older generations then please contact us. Many thanks to those who have sent some in already.

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