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Edward Field's monument at Castlereagh Cemetery was broken in a storm in April 2012. It had makeshift repairs in the past but needed careful restoration by a Stonemason. The cost was $1,980.
Colin Field, his descendant who maintains the website " From a Distant Field ", launched an appeal to raise the money needed. Colin donated the first $50 for the restoration and many people added to this so we quickly reached our target.
Penrith Council ordered the work and heritage approvals were obtained. Work was finished in early October 2012.
All Rope-Pulley descendants who are in the John Rope line, and all who are descended from James Jones Rope, are ALSO descended from Edward Field. This is why the Rope-Pulley Family Heritage Assoc supported this cause.
Thank you everybody for your contributions to this worthwhile cause!!

Field Stone
Before and
after Restoration
Field  Restored Stone


3rd JuneColin Field$50
"Murray & Maureen Field$50
"Barry Trenholme$100
4th JuneG. Sinclair$50
"Maureen Watson$50
"Bob Parker$20
"Geoff & Ruth Hall$50
"Graham Wilcox$50
"I. Alaban$25
"P. Couper$25
"Joy McGuire$25
"Gerry Moss$25
5th JuneBeth and Brian Wright$50
"Therese Sykes$100
6th JunePamela Peacock$50
7th JunePeter Morris$50
"Barbara Clarke & Beverly Dunn$50
"Scott Taylor$50
8th JunEdwina Burge$25
10th JunTegan & Conor Field$100
11th JunJulie Field$100
"Corrine Ferguson$25
"W. Collings$50
"Rae Luckie$20
12th JunJ. Downey$25
"J. Levy$25
"Noel & Lorraine Baker$25
"Mavis Priestley$100
"Aileen & John Mitchell$50
"Jan Nalder$50
"R. Bassett$50
"Bruce Day$50
13th JuneGraeme & Esme Goodsir$50
"Jan Cremer$20
"Maria & Harvey Field$50
"Kaye Rosengaard$50
"Murray & Christina Wilcox$50
"Robert & Lyn Woods$25
"Jean Kennedy$20
15th JuneDavid Wilcox$50
"Glenys Walker$50
18th JuneGeoffrey Moran$50
28th JuneIra Gore$100
10th JulyBeatrice Page$20

All monies have been received now so thank you all for your donations.
The Appeal is now closed.

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