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Rope-Pulley ~ Family Myths

There are many Myths surrounding the Rope Pulley Family. These relate to things such as who is or is not related and of course to some of the stories about characters in the family.
This page shows some of these myths.

People who are not Ropes:

  • Sarah Catherine Ryan, b. 9 July 1858
      Sarah has been reported by some as being the daughter of Toby Ryan and Mary Dempsey. This Sarah's parents were James Ryan and Mary Kennedy who married in 1858 at St. Mary's Church in Sydney.

Other Stories:

  • Mary Rope
      It has commonly been published that Mary Rope (who married J.M.T.Ryan) was the mother of the 2 girls born to John Bevan. The Mary Rope who mothered these girls was Esther Mary Gamble, who married Robert Rope and was known as Mary Rope. See the Robert Rope page for further information.

  • George Rope
      It was believed for many years that Mary's son George was the son of Thomas Hobby. DNA tests conducted in 2011 have proven conclusively that he was not the son of Thomas Hobby. His father remains unknown.

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