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Susannah Rope and John Bradley

Susannah Rope was born c1801 at South Creek, near Penrith.
Susannah married John Bradley on 7 September 1818 at Castlereagh Church. John was a convict who arrived on the Baring in 1815. He came on the same ship as Thomas Player, who married Susannah's sister Elizabeth Ann.

Susannah and John had 3 daughters: Eliza , Mary Ann and Sarah.

John Bradley was sent to gaol in Port Macquarie for 1 year in July 1824. He had been found guilty of embezzlement. John Bradley did not return from this gaol sentence. His final fate is unknown.

In 1828 Susannah was a "washerwoman" supporting herself and her 3 daughters.
She later had a further child to John Proctor, the local Constable.
Susannah died on 23 December 1883.

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